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Linkedin Service page

The LinkedIn Service Page can be said to be a landing page that displays your services and businesses at no cost on the LinkedIn platform. This feature on the platform operates on a request and proposal model. In addition, service providers or freelancers can be contacted at no cost irrespective of connection degree.

When a project request is submitted to the freelancer by a potential client, the freelancer is expected to respond to that request with a proposal to indicate his interest in the job. The freelancer then goes ahead to execute and deliver the project after they have both agreed on the terms.

The services provided by the freelancer will not only be displayed on their feeds but on that of their network as well. If your profile visibility is set to public, LinkedIn members who are and are not 1st-degree connections can discover your services via the LinkedIn search

Within your service Page admin, you can have a holistic view of all requests, projects, client lists, and also review all invitations

You can go here to create your Linkedin service page

How to Create a LinkedIn Service Page

linkedin service page

In the steps below, I will show you how to create a LinkedIn Service page for your freelancing business

Step 1. Click on the “Me” icon from your dashboard

Step 2. Click on “View Profile”

Step 3. Click on “Open to” tab

Step 4. Click on “Providing Services”

Step 5. Click on continue

linkedin service page

Step 6: Click on “Add Services” and select up to 10 services

Step 7: Fill up the about section with information that will make you stand out not forgetting to mention key projects handled in the past

Step 8: Select your work location if you are available to accept projects from your country of residence, otherwise, you leave unchecked and select  “I am available to work remotely”

linkedin service page

Step 10. Click on publish.

After publishing, click on start a post as seen in the image below.

The essence of sharing the post is to notify your network of your services.

Your service page will look like the image below when you publish and can be accessed directly from your profile

Past clients can be invited to review your services when you click on the “Invite to review” tab. You should make use of this feature if you have previous clients who can attest to the quality of your service.

The Top LinkedIn service categories at the time of creating this post are

  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • iOS Development
  • Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Business Law


Here are some LinkedIn Service Page Examples from some Top Service Providers

LinkedIn Service Page examples


FAQs on the LinkedIn Service Page

Who is eligible to create a Service Page?
The feature is available to freelancers and service-based small business owners

What are the benefits of the Service Page?
Beyond being discoverable on LinkedIn search, your services can be found on major search engines like Google.

Is there any cost to setting up a Service Page?
Any registered member on LinkedIn can create a Service Page, market their services, and build an audience on LinkedIn for at no cost

Are the Service Pages available globally?
Yes, the Service Pages are available globally, except in China.


Summary on LinkedIn Service Page Guide

With a service page for your freelancing business on LinkedIn, you stand to benefit a lot from the 800 million member community on LinkedIn as your business can be found easily. Once your page is found by a potential client, a request for services can be immediately be sent without any need to connect or follow you


linkedin service page

If you are a freelancer or service-based small business owner, now is the best time to set up your service page

What do you think about the LinkedIn Service page for freelancers and small business owners? Are you finally going to set up the service page for your business? Let me know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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