How to Rank Your Fiverr Gig Fast 2022 | Tips & Strategies for Fiverr Freelancers


One of the ways to getting regular sales on your Fiverr gigs is through your keywords ranking high for the keywords it was optimized for. Ranking high on the Fiverr search engine doesn’t happen by accident but through deliberate keyword strategy and gig optimization. If you want your gigs to rank high on Fiverr, these tips are guaranteed to help you achieve that:

1. Proper on page SEO

Most sellers just hear about Fiverr and just go right ahead to create their gigs not knowing anything about Search Engine Optimization

If you are really keen on ranking high and reap its benefits, search engine optimization is highly important.

In the steps below, we’ll shed some light on how to optimize your gigs properly for the Fiverr search engine.

Gig Optimization with the right keywords

SEO on Fiverr is just like SEO on a blog.

If the right keywords are not included within your blog posts, getting organic traffic from the search engine will be difficult

Similarly, for a gig to enjoy traffic from search results on Fiverr, the gig should be optimized with the chosen keywords and their variations

What are keywords?

When buyers are looking to get a job done, keywords are the popular search queries buyers are likely to enter in the Fiverr search box

2. Increase your gig exposure

The earlier a gig gets traffic, the likelihood of it ranking high is increased

This step is crucial as it is the first step to be better positioned on the Fiverr search engine. You just need to give your gig some form of early exposure.

How do you set your gig up for early success?

It’s easy.

Promote your gigs.

In this post, I talked about how you can promote your gig for free and garner early traffic, and possibly convert that traffic into a lot of sales.

Some people go as far as deploying some tools to help you generate dummy impressions. This practice is not recommended as it can harm your account.

3. Get your first sale as quickly as possible

Getting your first sale as quickly as possible is not that easy due to the level of competition on the platform and ranking your gig is not instantaneous.

The fastest way to making your first sale is through the Buyers Request

Make it a habit to always check the buyer requests and exhaust your daily quota. One of the keys to succeeding with the buyers’ requests is by responding early to the offers. When you respond early, you stand the chance of being seen by the prospective buyer.

Your offer needs to be well written with reasonable pricing. This is because you’ll be competing against freelancers with better seller ratings.

The biggest challenge you may face with your new gig is that most of the buyers won’t make a purchase if there are no positive reviews by previous buyers.

This is because no one wants to be the first to test a new Freelancer and lose their hard-earned $5.

What most people do to scale this hurdle is to get a friend or someone to make a purchase and give the review

Some even go as far as creating a dummy account, purchase their own gig and give themselves some nice positive reviews.

After all, any amount spent will be added to the overall Fiverr earnings at the point of withdrawal.

You should be careful if you plan to go this route as it is against the terms and conditions of Fiverr.

Despite coming from a Tier 3 country, I was able to rise to Level 1 with the use of the buyer’s request solely.

Well-written offer, clarity on project requirements, reasonable pricing, early response, prompt project delivery, high-quality delivery, and over delivery were the tactics, I deployed in getting the required reviews.

4. Stay online always

There’s a link between staying online and improved gig ranks on Fiverr. Freelancers who are regularly online seemed to be rewarded with higher gig ranks by the Fiverr algorithms

As a Fiverr seller, you should exploit this feature to your advantage

Some people that visit the Fiverr platform are interested in getting urgent jobs done. That is why they would most times go for accounts that appear online thereby increasing the CTR to that particular gig

The Fiverr platform appears to be very similar to Google and other search engines.

Web pages with great CTR are usually rewarded with higher rankings and so does Fiverr

There is a filter feature when using the Fiverr search that enables buyers to only search for sellers that are online and available to do work.

Some buyers will search for sellers who are active so that they can get instant feedback on the issue they want to discuss.

This means when you are always online, your gig will pop on the top, and this will be advantageous to you. To achieve this, make sure you also have active internet on your phone and install the Fiverr application.

By doing this, you will be able to get notifications immediately you the buyers start a conversation with you.

5. Good Order Completion Rate

Beyond the traffic and impression that your gig gets, another way to regularly enjoy high rankings is by working extremely hard and completing a lot of orders.

You just have to do everything possible to avoid order cancellation as frequent order cancellation hurts your level

You should understand that when you have perfect order completion stats by completing every order in addition to a good response rate, on-time project delivery rate, and overall profile rating, you will be rewarded with your gig ranking high in the search results

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