How to Answer Questions on Quora – Massive Traffic Hack

How to Answer Questions on Quora

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for paid traffic to enjoy great traffic to your business.

In fact, with as little as one hour daily, you can enjoy a consistent traffic stream from Quora to your blog, website, or business if only you can do it the right way. Are you meant to respond to every relevant question on Quora? Does responding to questions on the Quora platform really generate traffic? And can it be done correctly?

All these questions will be answered in this post. You will start with a bang, even if you’re a beginner. So let’s get started right away.

Quora is indeed a great way to drive tons of traffic to your website. I registered in 2017 but started using the platform actively this year (2021).

In the month of December, my content received about 4.6K views at the time of writing this post

Quora can be said to be the most popular Question and Answer (Q&A) website on the internet with an average of 600 million monthly visitors with the United States as the major traffic source. With Quora, there are two main ways of using the platform to your advantage. Answering of questions and Quora Spaces


Before you jump on Quora and start answering every question on the platform, the first question you should ask yourself is:

Are you meant to respond to every relevant question on Quora?

Definitely not, since you are a busy entrepreneur or marketer. To help you handpick the best questions to respond to, Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique will surely be of help: “Find contents that are link-worthy and make it even better.”

Here’s how the Skyscraper Technique can be deployed to your Quora answers especially when you are not the first person answering the question:

  • Identify missing details in available answers?
  • Can you share a more genuine and better answer?
  • Can you shed more light on some points made in the answers? Be it in the form of tutorials, guides, or external sources to provide more clarity
  • Is there any part of the answer that is outdated or incorrect? You can share the latest reports, details, stats to provide readers with up to date information

Does responding to questions on the Quora platform really generate traffic?


There are tons of examples online of entrepreneurs or marketers using Quora to generate web traffic and generate leads.

There are quite a number of online entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers who are using the quora platform to drive traffic to their respective businesses and have recorded significant successes.

Interested in getting these types of results for your business? These actionable steps will go a long in helping you to earn upvotes for your answers, get more followers, increase your brand awareness and ultimately increase traffic to either your website or blog.

Before we go into the steps proper, browse/follow your niche topics as well as people in your industry.


Ensure you have a well-written and comprehensive post with multiple examples or strategies on your blog so that you can link to that content when you are answering questions. When you link to your blog content in your answers, you will not only enjoy tons of traffic to your blog, you will be perceived as a subject matter expert or a thought leader in your niche.

Use an article that is well written and thorough so that Quora users will have reasons to want to click on the link included in your answer. It is always good to ensure that the blog content can provide the answer(s) needed.

When you give value both in your answer on the platform and in your blog content, you will surely gain credibility, and buying your product or service will never be a problem for them

From experience, here are the content types that work best for Quora users

  • Content with actionable strategies, tips, guides in the form of listicles
  • Content with specific examples eg tool, brand, etc


To give your answer a shot at gaining a ton of views, it is good to be one of the best persons to provide an answer to a recently asked question.

In order not to waste your time answering questions that are not worth your time, always go for these types of question

  • The most recent questions and 
  • Answers that are a week plus with more than 1,000 views

Here’s how to go about finding “The most recent questions”

Enter your primary keyword in the search and filter the search results by time. I recommend filtering the results by the past day or within the past week.

After following at least a few relevant topics, you can find the most popular recent questions under “Write” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

After you must have followed a couple of relevant topics, you will find some recent questions that are the most popular under the “Answer Tab”

and under the “Answer Requests” tab

The questions won’t be filtered in terms of the most recent, but you will see the time each question was posted in the description. Make it a habit to always go for the ones that are not older than one hour with 0 to 5 answers.

  • Answers that are a week plus with more than 1,000 views

A Question that is at least a week old with 1k+ views is always a good place to start. The 1k+ views are to make you know that the question is popular enough within the Quora platform because the more people’s eyes that see the question, the better it is for your answer.

Filter by either a week or a day then open each question in a new tab then click on the hamburger symbol as seen in the image below to reveal the details of the question.

See the question stats below

It is unfortunate that the results can’t be filtered by the date it was posted or the views, so you will have to do dig manually to uncover the questions. But the traffic return is well worth the time spent.

As you begin to answer more questions in your niche, people will reach out to you directly to ask questions and you will be notified in the notifications tab as seen in the image below


With the suitable questions in front of you, it is time to craft the right answer that will generate upvotes, shares, and an eventual high clickthrough rate to your blog content

To achieve that special stats on your answer, it is important that hold on to these four tips when you’re creating your answers:

  • Be helpful and non-promotional when answering questions

In responding to the question, make sure you stick close to the question asked even when you are providing examples to buttress your point and simply provide a link to your blog content in a suggestive (non-aggressive) manner

  • Give them a reason to click through the link to your blog content

Provide the shorter version of your content when responding to the questions so that it encourages the reader to click on the link provided at the end of the answer

  • Use personal pronouns such as “I” or “me”

Using personal pronouns in your answers makes the answer to be more personal. Use “I” “my” and “me” when necessary in your answers.

  • Include images or videos in relevant answers

Images can make a whole lot of difference as it makes an answer stick out and noticeable from a wall of text. The use of graphics and images on the platform is not significant compared to other sites, so each time there is an opportunity to include an image, screenshot, or video, just go for it.


When writing your answers, always remember to format your answers properly because of the mobile users. Avoid long paragraphs, limit your paragraphs to 1-2 sentences. Where necessary, use bullets, number lists, bold or highlight important points you want the readers to notice


Quora spaces are like small websites on the quora platform. The way to use the space is to publish the short version of your content or video then link back to the main content on your blog. It is another way to build your community on the Quora platform. Click on the “create space” button as seen in the image below to create your own space.

One of the blog content in my space on the Quora platform

And that wraps up my Quora traffic hack


Quora is a great way to enjoy a great amount of traffic to your business and I sincerely hope you have been motivated not only to start using Quora but how to make the effort worth the time invested leading to massive benefit to your business.

It is good you know that not all questions are to be answered with this strategy. Some may just require short text and no image. Even though it is an important strategy, it should not be abused. Just go out and be helpful and you don’t have to always link back to your business

Are you currently using Quora to improve your business? Have you recorded success with it or not? Let me know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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